Happy Holidays

Dog laying in grass

Henry is wishing you all a lovely holiday season and a spectacular new year from his new spot on the island. Woof. Woof.

December 26, 2013

Working for a better environment

San Juan Islands at dusk

We recently were awarded rebranding projects for a local environmental engineering firm and their associated laboratory. We could not be prouder. Stay tuned for more.

December 17, 2013

Brownwork Smith Tower Tenant Improvement

Office space for footwear company

Our friends at Brownwork just completed a 3 floor, 33,000sf renovation in the historic Smith Tower for a local footware & apparel company. The place looks amazing. CHECK IT OUT

October 30, 2013

home sweet hill7

Design of folder

We just completed a logo, website and a folder for Touchstone’s latest property, Hill7. In the words of our client, A-P Hurd. “This is the cutest little folder EVER.” The property itself is not a skyscraper, more like a skytickler. CHECK OUT THE SITE HERE

September 26, 2013

Chez Chloé Launch

Here’s a little one-pager we designed and photographed for a cool little shop on Orcas Island.Discover Chez Chloé located in the scenic San Juan Islands, noted by Lonely Planet as the Gourmet Archipelago. Tucked in on Main Street in Eastsound, this little shop works to delight all senses. CHECK IT OUT

September 2, 2013

Forever Moore

Type only logo

The Moore Theatre is the oldest operating theatre in Seattle. Built in 1907, the theatre has played a long and vital role in Seattle’s cultural arts history.

Everyone has performed at The Moore including Ella Fitzgerald, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The New York Dolls, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Henry Rollins, Lewis Black, Sonic Youth, Anthony Bourdain, The White Stripes and Jeff Bridges. We could keep going, but we think you’ve got the picture.

After 106 years, it’s time for a facelift. The Forever Moore Campaign will raise funds to replace seats, patch and paint the interior, improve heating and cooling systems, and improve the auditorium for smaller productions. To find out how you can be a part of making “Seattle’s perfect little theatre” even better, please visit stgpresents.org/moore.

Not a bad logo either. ;+)


August 9, 2013

Ron Finley: Designer. Gardener. Collector.

Portrait of Ron Finley in a garden

Artist and designer Ron Finley couldn’t help but notice what was going on in his backyard. “South Central Los Angeles,” he quips, “home of the drive-thru and the drive-by.” And it’s the drive-thru fast-food stands that contribute more to the area’s poor health and high mortality rate, with one in two kids contracting a curable disease like Type 2 diabetes.

Finley’s vision for a healthy, accessible “food forest” started with the curbside veggie garden he planted in the strip of dirt in front of his own house. When the city tried to shut it down, Finley’s fight gave voice to a larger movement that provides nourishment, empowerment, education — and healthy, hopeful futures — one urban garden at a time.

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do, especially in the inner city. Plus, you get strawberries.”

“We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is — if you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta.”

This is a super inspiring and frustrating TED talk. It’s worth the 10 minutes of your day to take this in.  CHECK IT OUT

July 23, 2013

And here we are, on island time

Pier at sunset

Orcas Island in the San Juans is a very special place to us, and for a couple of weeks we’ll be working from our friend Wendy’s house. We need more friends like Wendy. Every day is a new adventure with new sights smells and sounds.  CHECK OUT SOME OF THE SIGHTS HERE

July 17, 2013

What design and The Sopranos have in common

Cast of the Sopranos

Here is a brilliant and funny post by Michael Bierut on how everything he knows about design was learned from The Sopranos. This was written the day after The Sopranos ended back in 2007.

R.I.P. James.  READ ON

June 25, 2013

Client love

Solar powered toy monkey

I love when you finish presenting initial creative to a new client and they respond with “That’s some shit hot work.”

June 20, 2013
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